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What is water?


“A look at water through the eyes of Matt Halligan”

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Water………… WTF?

Have you ever asked yourself, “What is water?”… When I stop and ponder this, my mind simply does not present me any satisfactory answers that I truly comprehend. It feels to me like one of life’s unsolvable mysteries… A substance that keeps me alive and I naturally crave, it leaks from all sorts of parts of my body and some magical animals can actually breathe water..! But, if I tried, water would kill me.

WHAT !!??

Yes – we can get all scientific and say “Water is an inorganic, transparent, tasteless, odourless, and nearly colourless chemical substance, which is the main constituent of Earth’s hydrosphere and the fluids of all known living organisms. It is vital for all known forms of life, even though it provides no calories or organic nutrients.”

That is one way of saying “That is water”…

But wtf does that mean for us common folk ..??

Water Person BluerTo me, it’s very simple… Humans are made up of 75% water…
FYI – this fact is one that my mind really struggles to own as truth and make real…..75%…..what would happen if I drained 60kg of water out of my body..?

Would I be a stick man ..?

Where is all that water..? Why don’t I slosh when I move..? Why can’t I see all this water inside me..? 75% !!?

That doesn’t make sense… But 75% is a known, proven fact and so….

Why wouldn’t I make sure that the water I put into me is bloody good?

75% – So if the one good thing I did for myself was, to ensure that the water I drank was clean, filtered, mineralised and free from harmful particles, it would make sense that I would feel better, live better and generally be healthier than if I drank polluted, dirty, contaminated water, or water alternatives (tea, soft drinks etc) all day.

Water has become complicated!

“Water has become very over-sold, completely misunderstood and VERY expensive”

Pretty easy right..?

But hang on…That’s far too simple.! Now I want to know,

What is the best water..?

Well… this is where the propaganda freight train can run you right over to a point where you grab a can of coke and let out a satisfied, ahhhhhhhh… that’s better 😉 …

Water has become so complicated, very over-sold, completely misunderstood and, is now, so very VERY expensive…

I’ve done my own research and I encourage everyone to do theirs too, and I’ve come to this simple answer.

The best water comes from whole, ripe fruits. Hands down the best source of life-sustaining, cellular hydrating water.! No-one will ever change my mind on this. Eat as much whole fruit every day as you can and you will feel the difference in a short space of time.

Second best source – drinking water. There are a million different water filtration systems out there, ranging from $50 to 10’s of 1000’s of dollars and sorting through them can be extremely difficult and at the end of it, it’s hard to understand what the truth actually is…

For me – I try to keep life simple. If a water system ticks as many boxes as possible it’s a winner. We stock and have stocked for a decade now, the Zazen Water Systems. We met the ladies from Zazen at an expo and we aligned ethically in an instant. These ladies started their company on the back of wanting to be a part of the greater change for good. To say they are wonderful humans, does not do them enough justice. Love them!

Back to the Water Systems

Zazen Water Filter

By the way – The intent of this blog is not to be a sales pitch, rather, information that I’ve gathered from my life in this industry and if it helps make someone’s life improve, then I’m winning

The design theory behind the Zazen is to mimic good old mother nature. Gravity-fed filtration with a “mountain-like” filter system that removes the nasty floaties and added chemicals, and then adds back in the trace minerals that would have been gathered and collected on waters life journey through the mountains and lands and on to the pristine rivers and tributaries of yesteryear.

And let’s face it… the price of a system is hugely important. Zazen’s system to me slots right into the “available to everyone” price range and when you add in the fact that the company donates systems to people in need and schools, the system produces water that is actually great for us, the system looks good and the water tastes great, and the owners have ethics and integrity… I look no further. All boxes ticked

Great product, Great company, Great water. Win-win-win

Matt xx

Water Drop

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