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Meditate with a Meditation Cushion

If you’ve been into either of our stores, you would have seen these little beauties floating around on our shelves. Often mistaken as a couch cushion or a neck pillow, they serve a far greater purpose. For those who are unsure, they also double as meditation cushions!

What is a meditation cushion you may ask? A meditation cushion is simply a cushion in which you meditate on – but with added benefits!

Here are just a few reasons why meditation cushions are incredibly useful:

1) Better posture

Usually when people meditate they tend to sit on the floor directly. Using a meditation cushion helps raise your hips, roll them forward and relieve stress on your lower back. After your lower back relaxes, the spine re-aligns and the entire body follows.

2) Enforces Habit

We are creatures of habit. When we use a meditation cushion it allows us to slip into a meditative state quicker and easier. Just like our mind knows it’s time for sleep when we slip into bed at night, meditation cushions can serve the same purpose.

3) Doubles as a yoga prop

Your meditation cushion can double as a bolster in relaxing/supporting poses. For example it can support your knees in a reclined twist or under the knees in shavasana.

These are only three reasons but there are plenty more!

Now, how do we use a mediation cushion? Here’s a step by step guide on how to use one in your everyday life.

How to use a meditation cushion

Step 1)

Firstly, find the time to meditate. Generally it’s more beneficial in the mornings before starting your day, as it sets your mind up to have a great day. If you can’t meditate in the morning, meditate whenever you’re able to! Maybe that’s at 2:00pm right before you head off to pick the kids up from school or 9:30am when you’ve just dropped them off to school. Whenever it is, make this your meditation time You’re more likely to stick to it if you allocate a time. That being said, if you miss the dedicated time, do it whenever you can.

Step 2)

Create your space. Find and create a space that you love. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, maybe simply the corner of your room with some nice incense and a crystal. Maybe it’s on the beach or in nature somewhere. Aim to find a space that’s quiet and where you won’t get interrupted.

Step 3)

Grab your meditation cushion and get comfy. Get into a position that keeps your spine upright and long but make sure you’re relaxed.

Step 4)

Get your recorded meditation guide ready if you’re using one & press play.

Step 5)

Close your eyes or lower your gaze.

Depending on the type of meditation you’re doing will depend on what you’re focusing or not focusing on.

Meditation is simple but challenging. It will improve your life greatly!

There’s no doubting the benefits that come with implementing a meditation cushion into your practice & we have so many beautiful colours and styles you will love. ✨????

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