Plastic – The Best Invention Ever?

July 21, 2020

Have you ever sat back and thought… what an amazing invention plastic is?

Plastic… What other product can be used to make almost anything, will not fall apart for thousands of years, is repairable with ease, cheap to make, and can be shaped into any conceptual shape known to man…

How can a product so amazing be the cause of so much devastation?

The problem is really us – not plastic right? Our minds and their cravings for fast, cheap, portable, hardy products and packaging have manifested into what is now, nothing less than, mass-destruction on a scale never before seen.

If plastics were used in the right ways, we would worship its invention. What if we created products, building supplies, and durable tools from plastics that could last centuries, possibly thousands of years… We would bow before plastic and celebrate this miraculous invention as if it was created by a higher source and given to us to help us live a life free of toil and devastation.

But instead, we are using them in trillions of single-use, ignorant and unsustainable ways, that is causing mass landfills with the leaching of toxic pollutants, is choking vital waterways and causing apocalyptic ocean destruction that puts the entire ecosystem on the brink on catastrophe, and a resultant level of carbon emissions produced in the process that destroys natural weather patterns and land health, creating chronically changing weather patterns…

And yet, we do nothing.

We know the destruction is true, we can see the results. Everyone KNOWS that pollution is deadly and we are all part of this world… We have all seen things like the plastic straw, made from single-use plastic, casually thrown in bins, over and over and over again. Do you ever wonder if the humble straw will outlive us, humans? A straw that was only used for 60 seconds and then sent to landfill, or washed into the ocean… This thing, created by man, used for 60seconds, a known killer… will outlive us all.

Straws, created by man, used for sixty seconds.

The plastic will outlive us all !!!

Whilst you and I have the opportunity to be of enormous benefit to the planet and its tribe of relatives… the straw’s only role to play in life was to transport a (generally) toxic, highly addictive beverage into the stomachs of our people and our children, then once complete, will form part on the trillions of pollutants rapidly killing our home. There are billions of single-use plastic examples around the globe.

Absolute madness.

I know that personally, I am an active part of the madness; not perfect by any stretch. My “world” is not single-use plastic-free and right now, I don’t even know how to be… yet.

However… I am an eternal optimist and I truly do feel like times are changing. I feel like I AM changing – you and I, as consumers, seem to be (on mass) willing to make the personal changes to our everyday decisions on what products are brought into the home and how they are packaged. We show support through our purchasing habits and things are definitely on the move.

Plastic and Nurcha

steel straw 4 pack

As business owners’ at Nurcha, we have tried to do our best, but it has felt very hard to not be a part of the problem. A society built on the back of the economy is a society that has its challenges.

It is a very tough world in and of itself without throwing in continued thoughts of sustainability and environmental priorities… A poor excuse really, but it’s the only one we have.

BUT… Times are on the move!! These times are very exciting. We all seem to be demanding more of the businesses we shop from, more from the governments and most importantly we are demanding more of ourselves to change our ways. It is because of this, innovation has accelerated throughout the world of sustainable alternatives. This makes eco choices more affordable and sustainable to a broader range of companies and individuals.

The time to change is now!

There are still huge amounts of work to do to deliver “single-use, plastic-free” products to the local communities and the world. True awareness of the mindset shift that we are all required to make, is real, and it’s all around us. As we all actively partake in supporting the movement, true change will manifest on this beautiful home of ours…

At Nurcha have witnessed the sheer volume of plastics that have, until now, looked like the Mount Everest of problems.

We have taken the pledge to make many, many more real changes to our ways and uses of plastics in our cafes, stores, production, product choices, product development and in our services. At Nurcha, we will be actively removing single-use plastics from use as rapidly as we can in the hopes to be free of them in our very near future.

We also forgive ourselves for our past contribution to the problem with the understanding that we were only doing what we were capable of doing at that time. No-one can do anything other than that right?

In our renewed vigour for “being of benefit”, we march forward, maintaining the vision of positive change for one and all, inner growth and lasting forgiveness.

In Gratitude

Matt xx

On behalf of the owner’s group and the team of Nurcha

Reduce single use plastic