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Humans are complex interconnected beings, which means illness and dis-ease can manifest in a multiplicity of ways. Therefore our health needs to be nurtured on a variety of levels to ensure optimal wellbeing.

Often the source of illness or dis-ease that manifests in the mental or physical bodies can be found in the energetic body; for example, a wound caused by emotional trauma that we have been unable to process and therefore heal. By addressing only one aspect of illness in isolation, we miss an opportunity to identify the true source of the problem.

For this reason our practitioners take a holistic approach to health therapies, ensuring they address the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual sources of their clients’ dis-ease.

Discover the best natural therapists on the coast

Whether you have identified a specific health issue that needs addressing or you simply have a feeling that you’re not getting the most out of life, our practitioners, with decades of experience, will work closely with you on your journey to wellness.



Reiki &

& Massage

Kaye Halligan

Natural Therapist

Kaye is a natural therapist specialising in alchemy, spiritual healing, vibrational kinesiology and Reiki with her work predominantly focused on identifying and unlocking the subconscious patterns and programs that impact our day-to-day life.

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Evangelia ‘Zoe’ Matanis


Professional Wellness Medicine is a natural medicine practice specialising in general health. Zoe has been a Naturopath and an Acupuncturist for 19 years and is one of the Sunshine Coast’s leading practitioners in Natural Health Medicine.

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