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Why Vegan Food Isn’t Just for Vegans

Why Vegan Food Isn’t Just for Vegans

Have you been invited to a “vegan restaurant” but made excuses not to go because you’re not vegan? You should go next time because vegan food isn’t just for vegans!

Firstly, it’s essential to have a clear definition of veganism.

Veganism is a lifestyle that totally eliminates any animal product, not just animal food products. Hence, a vegan diet doesn’t include anything that has eggs, dairy, or meat. People choose this way of living for different reasons, which commonly range from
health, environmental concerns, and ethics.

According to 2020, Australia is the second-largest vegan community on the planet. Adelaide is leading the way and placing 14 on global rankings. This data makes it unsurprising to find vegan food in almost every grocery store in the country.


Vegan Food Is Not Exclusive

Vegan food is simply any plant-based food. These include fruits, vegetables, herbs, legumes, beans, nuts, grains, mushrooms, spices, and tofu. A vegan diet may consist of plant-based food processed at certain extents to improve their taste, texture, and longevity. Some are processed to create substitutes for dairy and meat.

Therefore, veganism doesn’t create food products that can only be eaten by those who practice this lifestyle. People who are struggling to consume more fibre and less meat may start with a few vegan foods. So, if you’re craving for a burger but are wary about your cholesterol level, the Nurcha vegan burger is a good alternative.

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Why vegan food isn’t just for vegans

Karina Wolfin, DAR fitness expert advises, “you should not make any abrupt changes. If you’re planning on going vegan, I suggest that you do it one day at a time. Forcing yourself to take a 100% change within a short period isn’t healthy. You have to give yourself enough time to prepare physically and mentally.”

Benefits of Vegan Food

Here are some research-proven benefits of vegan food that might inspire you:

Randomised controlled studies reveal that vegan ideas can be effective than other types of diet for weight loss. In one study, vegan participants shed more weight than those who limited their calorie intake, even though they ate until they’re full.

Vegans lower their risk of having type 2 diabetes by 50% to 70%. This is probably because most vegan foods do not contain high fructose corn syrup, which is an artificial sweetener.

● Studies report that switching to plant protein may decrease the risk of kidney issues.

● The World Health Organisation says that a healthy diet may prevent cancer. For example, those who eat legumes regularly has 9% to 18% fewer chances of having colorectal cancer. Antioxidants contained in fruits and vegetables can mitigate oxidative stress, which has a direct link to cancer.

● Antioxidants also relieve inflammation, which means individuals suffering from acne, arthritis, allergies, etc. can benefit from increased consumption of fruits and vegetables.

● Research shows that red meat consumption speeds up biological ageing. Switching to meat alternatives can help you prevent wrinkles, sagging, and uneven skin tone.

Adopting a new lifestyle isn’t easy. You have to be prepared in all aspects to decrease the chances of slipping back. Experts advise that you embrace veganism gradually. As you experience its benefits, you’ll be more inspired until you’ve entirely adapted this way of living.

Switching to certified vegan groceries is an excellent way to start. Luckily, Nurcha stocks a wide range of vegan products at affordable prices. We also have a café that serves delicious vegan meals prepared by well-experienced chefs and cooks.

Visit us now for a more conscious lifestyle!

Nurcha Kawana vegan cafe and vegan bakery now open.

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