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Sugar! Should We or Shouldn’t We?

Sugar is one of the hottest subjects in the dietary world of today.  It causes many a heated debate on the “is it good for you” subject.  Again, confusion reigns supreme with schools of thought that say sugar should be avoided at all costs – it is a poison, and others that say the complete opposite, that sugar is a vital nutrient to life.  So… what is the answer and how do we know it’s the truth?

So here is my opinion on the subject – and please remember, that this is my opinion formed by my research and my understanding of the body, health and mental stability.  For me it is truth, but for you, please do your research.  NEVER believe what someone tells you until it feels so right that no matter what you hear, you are armed with the knowledge to be wise and live an uncomplicated life filled with simple truths and a happy and healthful mind!

Sugar!  For me it is my friend and I feel like it has been bullied so badly that people are scared to like it.  And I don’t like seeing my friends treated that way 😉   And no, I do not support nor choose to eat processed foods filled with sugar like cakes, lollies, biscuits, chocolates etc.  I simply look at what sugar actually is and where it is found in nature and I see that it is vital to life and actually supports and encourages the ability to live.

I have tried and experimented with most forms of diet and lifestyles and the one I have found that supports not only my body weight, but also my state of mind, my vitality and my ability to live it with ease is the high fruit, low fat, low salt “raw till 4” way of life.  So simply put, that means I eat 25–30 serves of fruit per day as well as a large cooked vegan meal at night.  To say that I love this way of life is an understatement.  I love love it!  Living like this is rewarding in so many ways, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually – there is no match in my books.  To outsiders it may seem extreme and weird.  I often get strange looks when I sit down to a meal of ten mangoes, or dig into a watermelon, or 15 bananas.  I get all sorts of doctrinated thoughts and concepts thrown at me.  But now-a-days for me, I see “normal” diets as extreme and weird.  The senseless slaughter of animals, the environmental disasters we create in farming grains for livestock, the enormous amount of chemicals that is poured into our produce farms to produce “perfect” fruit, the sea of plastics manufactured for packaged foods that is dumped into our oceans and landfill, the huge amounts of chemicals and numbers humans are willing to consume in the name of “eating on the run”…  Now, all that seems extreme and weird to me!!  I don’t know about you?

Sorry I got a bit off track there, back to sugar…

The simple science to why I support sugar – every cell in the body (7 trillion plus of them) is fueled by one thing. Sugars!  It is the high end fuel to our Ferrari, the rocket fuel to our space ship and without enough sugar our body has no choice but to simply maintain life as best as it can.  You put cheap fuel in your Ferrari and you get clogs and coughs and splutters.  You get low performance right?

So in simply maintaining life, the body sacrifices what is deemed “unnecessary to living” and we end up manifesting symptoms like chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, confusion and a general lack of vitality for life. Not to mention, if we are not consuming sugary foods (fruit), we crave and fill ourselves up on other potentially harmful foods that then go on to cause major disease within our system.  Fatty foods are the first to be consumed when our fuel is low.  High calorie, fast hitting fat.  So the best method to avoid reaching for the “bad” foods is to simply keep your tank full.  Don’t run out and be willing to put in whatever is within reach.  Fuel up and stay full of life.  Get the Ferrari running the way it wants to, the way it was built to run.  High sugar, low fat, low salt!!

But do your research and make up your own mind.  I’ve done mine and I am convinced.  Below is a link to one of my favourite Aussies.  The truth speaking, bullsh*t exposing, marathon running educator of living a life that is in line with keeping this beautiful planet and all its wondrous inhabitants alive and living in a state of harmony.

Enjoy and be awesome!!

Oh – language warning for him too 😉

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