2020 – The end of an era!

January 13, 2021
Nurcha Outside Pic

A time for change

As I’m sure everyone experienced… 2020 was the year that expectations, plans and goals were thrown on their head, tossed into the wash and popped onto the spin cycle of life.  Well that’s what it felt like for us at Nurcha anyway 😉 Quite the ride…

With that behind us, we are now in January 2021 staring down the barrel of a year (for Nurcha) filled with true consolidation and a deep firming up of our foundations.  Foundations that were laid down decades ago with intentions of “being of benefit”, “self-development” and an attempt to weave “business” with “universal truth”.  A year we are very excited about because we are granting ourselves the time and space to make good a lot of positive intent.

SO… What does this mean for Nurcha?

17 years into the bricks and mortar of the business, the one thing we have learnt about ourselves is that we MUST trust our gut instinct.  And our gutty says it’s time to move on from Wises Road Nurcha.  We feel that now is the opportunity to take a huge leap of faith and put all of our efforts and focus into Nurcha Kawana.

Yes, we have heard the numerous whispers, rumours and concepts from our community as to the reasons why we are moving out of Wises Road, but the truth is… “IT IS TIME”.  Simple as that.  There is no more depth of reason other than this simple truth.

This year we will be focusing on going deep into the business of Nurcha and allowing ourselves to also go deep into the “why” of Nurcha.  2021 is the year to manifest our truth and bring to light plans and dreams that have been buried in “busy-ness”.

So thank you to everyone who has supported us at Wises Road, it has been an absolutely amazing 6 and a half years here.  We value everything we have learnt, through the good times and the absolute brutal times, and we trust that our next step will be a huge positive for all involved…


Matt, Marty and the whole team at Nurcha.

We look forward to seeing you at our new store at Home Central, 566 Kawana Way, Birtinya.

Wises Road Moving Sale

We’re offering up to 70% OFF* throughout our Wises Road, Maroochydore store. Our final trading day will be 21st February 2021.

*Sale on selected items.

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