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What Does Your Crystal Collection Say About You?

Crystal Collections

Crystals are a natural wonder that has captivated civilisations since the dawn of time. Worshipped for their beauty, as well as their healing properties, it is no surprise that they are still widely regarded as one of nature’s greatest gifts to earth.

Whether you’re an avid crystal collector, someone seeking spiritual healing, or somebody simply taken with bright sparkly things – there is sure to be a crystal for you. For those new to the crystal game, we are here to give you a quick rundown of some of the most popular and beloved crystals that we sell at Nurcha.

Amethyst – Enhance your intuition

A deep, rich purple crystal, amethyst is often found in its raw geode form. Known for its protective and calming properties, amethyst is often used to guard one’s psychic intuition and promote feelings of calmness and tranquillity.

Perfect for: Those seeking a deeper sense of self, suffering from headaches, or struggling with insomnia.

Rose Quartz – The stone of unconditional love

A powerful healing crystal with a luscious pale pink colour. It is often associated with love, compassion, femininity and sensuality. It can be purchased as a rose quartz lamp to emit loving energy, or as a polished and delicate jewellery piece.

Perfect for: Those looking to nurture relationships, seeking love, or needing self-love.

Citrine – the stone of abundance

Citrine looks similar to quartz but with varying colours ranging from pale amber to a deep burnt orange. Known as the stone of abundance, citrine is thought to bring prosperity and wealth to its owner. Encouraging success, it is best paired with purposeful intentions and specific life goals.

Perfect for: Those hoping to manifest wealth, needing to encourage sales, or hoping to find success with a new life goal.

Clear Quartz Crystal
Clear Quartz – The “master healer”

Also known as crystal quartz, this is arguably the most widely recognised crystal. Often presented in a cluster of glass-like prisms, clear quartz symbolises spiritual growth. Manifesting pure energy and light, it can help clear the mind and bring chakras into alignment.

Perfect for: Those starting their crystal collection, beginning a spiritual journey or transitioning to a new phase of life. 

Malachite – The powerful healing stone

Known for its swirling shades of vibrant green, malachite is an incredible statement piece in jewellery collection. Often favoured by ancient healers, malachite is affiliated with the heart chakra and can absorb negative energies and enhance the immune system. 

Perfect for: Those needing healing from physical or emotional trauma, or seeking to promote positive energy.

Malachite Crystal
Shungite Crystal
Shungite – Purification and protection

A unique black mineral stone, shungite is known for its purifying and protective benefits. It is a grounding stone that helps shield its owner from negative attacks. Disks of pure shungite can be placed in water to purify it, whilst elite shungite is worn to protect the wearer from harmful EMF’s. 

Perfect for: Those hoping needing to detox and remove negative energies from their working space, homes or bodies. 

Shopping for crystals is not as simple as seeing a pretty stones and clicking “add to cart”. Crystals are best purchased in person as they will often call to their owner. As a sign of respect to this intuitive process, we recommend you pop in store so that we can help you find the perfect crystal for you.

Our friendly staff, who you will see wearing their own favourite crystal pieces, are here to help you find the perfect crystal for whatever you need; whether it is a gift for yourself or for someone you love.

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