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How To Boost Your Immunity In Chaotic Times

COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

With the Coronavirus outbreak being the centre topic in everyone’s minds, conversations and actions, it’s more important than ever to prioritise ourselves and our health.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has just recently declared coronavirus a global pandemic.

While the last thing we want to do is instill any more fear into the public, we believe it’s our job to support and provide our Nurcha Tribe with as much information and tools for health as we can.

Fear and stress are two emotions that are bound to occur in times like these. It’s only natural to feel these emotions. Do not feel alone because everybody is in the exact same boat.

In fact, fear and stress can cause our immune system to compromise so now, more than ever, we need to remain strong, positive and take the appropriate actions that are necessary.

When so many things that surround us are out of our control, perhaps a little slice of peace can be found in the fact that we have the power to control our mind and therefore our reality.

While we are obviously not scientists, doctors or the government, we can share the tools and tips we do have with the information that we have available.

Here are a few simple actions you can start to take TODAY for a better outcome tomorrow!

1) Focus on your mental health/meditate

Meditation Cushion, Meditation, Cushion

Now more than ever is the time to focus on your mental state. What thoughts are you having? Are they filled with fear? Or are they positive and uplifting?

It’s normal in times like these for our thoughts to become negative, hopeless or overwhelming. It truly is the perfect time to focus on your meditation practice.

This will not only reduce stress but allow your mind to become clearer and make better decisions in every moment. If you would like to read more about meditation and the benefits it can have click here.

We are strong believers that our thoughts create our reality. Obviously there are current situations that are out of our control to some extent but we have the power to change the state of our brain waves and how we perceive our reality.

Take the extra time to meditate and be kind to yourself. If you have never meditated before, start today!

Reducing our stress and fear is vital in situations like these. When we’re stressed, the immune system’s ability to fight off antigens is reduced, therefore we are more susceptible to infections.

Perhaps make a list of everything that makes you feel good and try to do as many of them as you can!

2) Fuel your body with the right foods

Nurcha Snacks

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”

At Nurcha we have always believed in the philosophy. Now more than ever it is important to fuel our bodies with all of the goodness we can!

Sticking to a wholefood, plant-based diet, full of immune-boosting vegetables, spices and fruits is the best way to do this.

Stock up on all the things that will make your body thrive. Grabbing goods that will keep is also a good precaution to take, that way you know you’ll have healthy food on hand at all times.

We have a huge range of items in-store that will keep you healthy and full of energy as well as delicious snacks and treats – because why not!

Immune Boosting - Fight against Coronavirus

3) Immune-boosting supplements

Start taking supplements that will assist your immune system in the fighting illnesses! Zinc, Turmeric, Colloidal Silver, Apple Cider Vinger and Vitamin C are all fantastic immune boosters that are stocked at Nurcha!

These vitamins and supplements are also available in our foods like legumes, fruits and vegetables but supplementing is an easy and effective way to make sure you’re giving the body what it needs.


4) Focus on good hygiene

Wash your hands - Fight against Coronavirus

This one goes without saying but is important to reiterate!

– Make sure you wash your hands, regularly, as a disease is often passed on through touch. Avoid using a hand-drier use a paper towel or clean cloth.

– Stay at least 3 feet away from anyone who is coughing or sneezing, and avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth. (This becomes very hard when you become aware of it)

– Keep a sanitiser handy at all times

– Australian authorities recently recommended using your EFTPOS or credit card where possible, rather than manually handling cash.

– If you are showing signs or symptoms including fever, coughing, sore throat and shortness of breath seek medical attention and self-isolate.

– Remember to breathe properly/meditate this will help your immune system and mind

– Try to get even a moment of sunshine on your face. This will not only provide your body with energy and vitamin D from the sun rays but will bring a smile to your face! (We can always find little moments of peace in times of chaos).

5) Reach out and talk to people

Remember that you are not alone, we are all in this together. Everything that you are feeling is valid. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, anxious, worried or just curious, start a conversation.

Call or message a friend if you are concerned in general or reach out to professionals who are trained in these types of situations.

Coronavirus Information Helpline: 1800 020 080

Lifeline Crisis Hotline: 13 11 14 OR Chat to someone online


6) Don’t believe everything you read in the media or social media. Always fact check your information

The news and media thrive in times like these. Unfortunately, not all companies and organisations have the public’s best interests at heart. This is why fact-checking and getting information from reliable sources is vital!

The World Health Organization and Australian Government – Department of Health has up-to-date information, advice on self-isolation and mask-usage, an entire section dedicated to myth-busting, and every other piece of information you may wish to know.

Don’t believe everything you hear and see. Stories get twisted, bent and changed in so many different ways for different reasons. Listen to the people who are professionals and know what they’re talking about! Not Sally from your gym class who heard from her neighbour Glen down the road… you get what we’re talking about, yeah?

We hope that this information has provided you with a bit of light, assistance and reassurance.

Know that you are not alone and that we are stronger together. Take this as a time to slow down, focus on your mental/physical health, nourish your body, control the controllable, take deep breaths and meditate!

For all immune-boosting products visit Nurcha in-store and let our staff assist you further.

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