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World Tree Day

World Tree Day

It’s World Tree Day Sunday on 2 August 2020.

We’ve all heard the saying “trees are the lungs of the earth”, but have you heard that they are also the veins ..?

And of course, the symbiotic relationship between ourselves and trees is of huge importance to understand and make real for each and every one of us. Just as we breathe in, absorb oxygen, and exhale carbon dioxide, trees do the very opposite. Trees intake the air, absorb carbon dioxide (deadly on mass to us) and release oxygen (life). Our very own filters that allow us (and all other life forms) to maintain life on Earth. Vital to the survival of the human race.

BUT, not only do trees play a vital role in the air we breathe… They also have a direct link to land health, and ultimately all weather systems on the planet.

Tree Small - World Tree DayCapillaries of the Earth

If you visualise the “above ground” portion of trees being the lungs, try to visualise the “below ground” as the veins and capillaries of the earth. An extensive and all-encompassing global network of tendrils that links every continent via the micro and macro of the plant kingdom. Once upon a time, plant life of one form or another covered almost every inch of land, again, symbiotically existing with the earth and animal kingdoms of the above and underground.

Sadhguru Night

Almost a year to the day I attended a Sadhguru night in Brisbane (Sadhguru is, for me, a global leader in the expression of a truly conscious human). I highly recommend checking him out. I went with spiritual wisdom in mind and left feeling totally inspired. He spoke about global health and the impact of tree planting on the planet. What he said made me realise how we can easily and effectively make significant inroads into the resurrection of planetary health.

I will attempt to make it as simple as he articulately made it…

– Re-planting a third of the cleared lands and the trees will not only encourage animal life back into the area but it will restore ecosystems and general life. The leaves will fall and along with the animal kingdoms natural processes, it will feed the earth and rebuild the topsoil. Not only do we get these benefits, but the roots will also create soil health and in turn “hold” the rainfall in the ground for longer. This assists the waters slow natural travel to rivers, streams and oceans. When you hold the water in the ground for longer and you slow water down to a natural pace, the rivers are fed ALL year round and the natural cycles of the earth are restored.

When the environment is functioning as it should, weather patterns (created by evaporation and wind movement over the lands etc) are restored to natural cycles.

WOW – what a simple answer to many of the worlds environmental issues !!!

PLANT TREES where they once were! Celebrate trees on World Tree Day. Celebrate trees every day!

There are some greater issues at play here regarding land clearing and its justifications, but if we all put our intentions into planting handfuls of trees each back into cleared lands, we could swiftly restore weather systems, ecosystems, animal kingdoms, and of course plant kingdoms back to a sustainable level. Bring the planets health back to a sustainable and maintainable level.

PLANT TREES – Its really that simple

Tree Planting with Kids

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