Femi and Zagati is available now at Coastal Wellbeing Centre

December 03, 2015

As an observation and with 10 years in the wellness industry, it seems that we are falling back to simpler ways to get more effective results. Whether that be lessening the variety of supplements taken and focusing on one specific one or changing the diet to simple foods that are organic, raw, unprocessed etc, it seems to be the general movement.  With the possible exception of skincare.  For one who knows naught about this industry, the mere array of available products is overwhelming, let alone trying to decipher the ingredients list!

So when we were approached by a local producer of a skincare range it was with some nervousness that we met, concerned that our obvious ignorance would be revealed in the first minute of conversation.  Not so.  For here on the Coast is another family owned business that specialises in all things Chia.  A well known ‘superfood’ that has been on the market as a dietary supplement for over a decade, the attraction of Chia is the high levels of omega oils, fibre, vitamin B, minerals and anti-oxidants.  With years of experience internationally, they now source the best quality Chia seed available and have it pressed in the most advanced processing facilities.  This has seen the production of an ultra high grade Chia oil.  Rich in those special omega oils and anti-oxidants that saw Chia rise to fame initially.  And guess what?  Omega oils are the best thing for healthy skin. Simple.

Traditionally, Omega Oils are retrieved from fish – but with dwindling fish stocks and a vegan approach to life, we want to choose products that reflect our beliefs.  Femi and Zagati brands offer pure organic chia oil blended with the best organic essential oils to create a truly brilliant skin food.


  • Functional Skin Food, massively high in Essential Fatty Acids (Omegas 3) and Antioxidants
  • Super fast absorption and non-greasy so that it can replace any facial cream
  • Chia facial oil will significantly increase skin hydration and reduce water loss
  • High Source of Alpha Lipoic-Acid, the antioxidant that helps minimise fine lines
  • Often changes skin tone, creating a real radiance
  • Calming to the skin

Coupled with their passion for Chia is a belief that modern skincare products are so laden with chemicals that there is little benefit and much opportunity for damage.  This is particularly so in cream based products as these have a need for emulsifiers, which are generally seen as safe but not necessarily good for your skin.  At the end of the day a simple solution is not only safer but much more sensible – cold pressed organic chia oil doesn’t get much simpler and the results are awesome!

The entire range of Femi and Zagati is available now at Nurcha – speak with one of our friendly staff for more information.