Our Commitment

March 23, 2020
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March 23rd, 2020… My 18th wedding anniversary… a day that reminds me of my internal comital to sharing my life with the woman of my dreams. A commitment to growing together through every experience.. the so-called “good and bad times”. The ups and the downs. Through sickness and in health. A commitment not bound by financial situations, the way we look, how old we are or any other fiscal matter. My wedding anniversary is a reminder that no matter what the situation, together we will kick its arse and make it the best we know how to make it.

March 23rd, 2020… A day that has made real all the “hype and hysteria” around Covid-19….. Corona Virus… A day that will, for all of us, bring into question “what really matters?”… I personally am blessed to have this day as my wedding anniversary, as one answer is very clear. But I must admit that it does bring into focus a million other questions.

What is the right thing to do right now..?
Will my basic survival needs be met..??
Will life return to normal..?
What is normal..??
How do I keep children alive 😉 ..?
How do I keep ME alive…?

Can this be a more fascinating time to be alive..? Never before has the human population been in such a privileged situation to go through a pandemic. We have answers at our fingertips, friends a few button pushes away, free medical a few streets away, food delivered to our door, water in the taps, and power at the flick of a switch.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not thinking that this will be a walk in the park, but we DO have a huge head start in the battle against a viral take over….. All I know for sure is… I’m going do to my best to remember to be grateful for what I have…. The rest… well, I can worry about it, or I can try to maintain a positive attitude and trust that, in doing so, positive things will happen.

For my wife and I…..today is a reflection of the crazy journey of life we have shared together so far…. the memories…. Travel, Love, Lust, beautiful children, Life and of course the birth of Nurcha…. A business born of the path we and many others have chosen to walk together, the path of “doing no harm”.

So, from me, and the rest of the team at Nurcha…

Let today be the day that we outline our commitment to the local community.

WE WILL be here through this event, with arms locked together (metaphorically, obviously we will be 1.5m apart in real life), providing whomever so chooses – all your plant-based needs wherever humanly possible.

WE WILL have chefs working tirelessly preparing frozen meals so you can conveniently enjoy a meal without stress. These meals are made for 2 and priced affordably.

WE WILL be open for business via phone, email, and website to provide your plant-based grocery and personal hygiene needs.

WE WILL provide a home delivery service as best as we can, covering large portions of the Sunshine Coast

WE WILL have pick up points available for those able to drive to collect. Simply call or order online for your selections

WE WILL endeavour to make plant-based and eco-living easily available through these crazy times so we can all continue to do no harm.

We also understand that these times could possibly become financially challenging, so for those truly in need, please contact us directly for some Nurcha love and support with meals and human essentials as part of our commitment. And please… This system will be run on trust, pay what you can and let’s all keep the businesses alive that we wish to see in the “new future”.

Much Love to you all out there.

Matt Halligan