Make Meditation Mainstream

December 23, 2019
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Meditation is growing hugely in popularity and there’s some really big reasons why.

At Nurcha we believe abundance should be available and achievable to everyone. We would love to be part of the effort to normalise meditation and make meditation mainstream.

Abundance in money, food, happiness & in every aspect of life.

Meditation has the power to work serious magic in your life. In our everyday fast paced life, as little as 5 minutes of meditation can have wonderful effects!

Many people think they’re not able to mediate because they have such busy minds but these are the people who need meditation the most.

There are numerous scientifically proven benefits to meditation, including:

– Reduced stress
– Helps to combat anxiety
– Promotes emotional & physical health
– Enhances self-awareness
– Lengthens attention span
– Reduces risk to age related memory loss
– Improving overall happiness & well-being
– Improved sleep
– Clearer mind

And the list goes on!

The beauty of meditation is that it can be done anywhere. A quiet, comfortable space is preferred, but all you need is you!

When first starting to meditate, start with five minutes, then gradually build up to 10, 15 and optimally 20 minutes per day. Even if you try and only meditate for two minutes that’s two minutes more then you had ever done previously!

Using Apps is a great way to start meditations using a recorded guide. Insight Timer, Headspace & Calm are three Apps that are for free and super easy to use.

Our minds create our reality, so it makes sense to look after it!

Make Meditation Mainstream!

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