The Story Of Our Logo

April 16, 2021

To us here at Nurcha, the bird represents planetary health. We see that if we can play our part in the solution of the current environmental devastation, then we are doing our part to be of service to the people, the community, and the planet.

The branch is a symbol of a solid foundation and stability, with the leaves and fruit representing growth and abundance. Without these key elements we cannot develop and evolve our impact of being of benefit.

And the sphere encompassing the image is part of sacred geometry, with the nature of smooth, frictionless momentum, forever freely moving on our path towards global peace.

Our intention for all of us here at Nurcha is to constantly develop our selves to embody these attributes, so that we as individuals and together as a collective, can be a part of something that leaves the world a slightly better place for the future of all life on earth.


Blog Photo

After our exciting announcement that we are staying for another year at our Wises Road location, we wanted to give our much loved store a make-over!  If you haven’t seen our new signage yet, come down and you’ll see for yourself how it aligns with our new Kawana store.

Plus, we are currently developing a new website, so watch this space!

We hope you’re enjoying our rebrand journey just as much as we are.
Exciting times ahead!