Why We Choose to be Dairy Free

January 06, 2015

With all the information available on health these days, how exactly can one sift through all the sales pitches and get down to cold hard truth?  How can one be confident within themselves to change their lifestyle for an apparent betterment?  How can one uncover the truth with all the confusing fads, diets, “miracle supplements”, super foods, and so called experts claiming a particular diet is the only way to gain health or lose weight.  AND we also have the pressure of society to fit into a particular frame work of thinking and living.  To live outside the “norm” is considered… abnormal or weird.  What a world we live in hey…

SO, how exactly did we at Café Nurcha get to the decision to be dairy free?

After years of research, study and experience we came to this basic truth…

By observing nature and living a natural life, health and happiness is guaranteed

So lets look at dairy and observe nature at its simplest.  We see that milk is a liquid food produced by a mother animal for its offspring.  A milk filled with fats and hormones designed perfectly for the babe to survive, thrive and grow.  Milk is a constant and perfect food supply for the dependent and vulnerable young.  A mother’s milk is jam packed with genetically coded hormones, designed specifically for that species and balanced to the environment in which it has reproduced its young.  Hormones designed to trigger specific growth actions within the system of the young.  Is it little wonder that we see hormonal disfunction (anxiety, depression) within the human race on a rapid climb when we are bombarding our systems with hormones NOT designed for the human species?

It makes sense to us that hormones from any other animal simply should not be consumed.  Just as it would make sense to most people that they would not drink dog breast milk, or giraffe breast milk.  Or more to the point, after the age of two or three, we as humans do not even find human breast milk the least bit desirable in out diets.  In fact, when we observe nature, no animal continues to drink breast milk their entire lives.  The mother naturally slows production as the babe grows into its natural diet.  AND we can definitely see that NO other animal on the planet drinks another animals breast milk.

As a part of a natural way of living, we choose to free our systems of the need to fight the battles of alien hormones and we choose to use what nature naturally provides.  But ultimately this is but one aspect of why we choose to be dairy free, there are many many other reasons why we recommend being dairy free.  Below is a link that you may be interested in to further your awareness of dairy.

Enjoy and be free to be you.