Is sub-health detectable?

While our health is not in good condition, our body will automatically give out certain alarms, such as easy fatigue, body-ache, headache, insomnia, lack of appetite, depression, anxiety, stress, fear, bad temper, palpitation, dizziness, inertia, and so on.
People who have these symptoms are potentially in a sub-health condition. According to the investigation made by World Health Organization, 10% of adults all over the world belong to this group.

Is sub-health detectable?

The answer is yes and the Quantum Health Analyzer can help detect the diseases.
Theoretically based on quantum medicine, this health device utilizes advanced electronic equipment to collect the weak magnetic field of human cells for scientific analysis.

The Quantum Health Analyzer allows for a non-invasive and swift check-up to the human body.

By grasping the test rod for about 1 minute, the tested person’s comprehensive health condition can be detected.

According to the results collected by the Quantum Health Analyzer, the tester can provide the following 24 health reports:

  1. Basic Physical Quality
  2. Blood Sugar
  3. Bone Disease
  4. Bone Mineral
  5. Brain Nerve
  6. Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular
  7. Gallbladder Function
  8. Gastrointestinal Function
  9. Gynecology
  10. Human Toxin
  11. Kidney Function
  12. Liver Function
  13. Lung Function
  14. Pancreatic Function
  15. Rheumatoid Bone Disease
  16. Trace Elements Analysis (Ca+, Fe, Se, Pb, Zn, Vitamin, etc.)
  17. Skin Test Function
  18. Prostate
  19. Endocrine System
  20. Immune System
  21. Male Sex Function
  22. Breast Analysis
  23. Element of human
  24. Amino acids test


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