IRIDOLOGY- What is it?

Iridology is based on the study of the iris — the coloured part of the eye.

The iris reveals physiological conditions, psychological health risks, challenges and/or strengths of various organs and personality traits.

Through iridology we can get an understanding of your past, present, and potential future health conditions by assessing the various body systems. Your inherited tendencies compounded by toxic accumulations in various parts of your body are also revealed.

The Science of Iridology is based on the analogy of one of the most complicated tissue structures of the whole body – the iris.

It is a method whereby the doctor or health practitioner can tell, from markings or signs in the iris, the reflex condition of various organs and systems of the body. These markings represent a detailed picture of the integrity of the body; it’s constitutional potentials, areas of congestion or toxic accumulations and inherent challenges and gifts.

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2 thoughts on “IRIDOLOGY- What is it?

  • hi Zoe
    Looking to learn more on Iridology in the new year
    I am in the stage of moving from the GCoast to the SCoast at the moment. Should be settled by end of Jan 2018.
    Would like to know of local training centers if you could help would be great. If not so be it

  • Hi Zoe! I’m interested in having iridology done, I was just wondering do you give naturopathic advice relating to the iridology after?? Thanks!

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