Good Foundations, Strong Future

Finding the right health care solutions can provide life changing results.  They can give your child more energy & zest for life, improved physical strength, increased resilience, greater confidence with other children, a stronger immune system and a clearer sense of self.

More About Naturopathy

Naturopathy can help eliminate, alleviate or manage a wide range of child health concerns including:

  • acne
  • allergies
  • anxiety
  • asthma
  • attention deficit disorder (ADD)
  • autism spectrum disorder (ASD)
  • colds & flu
  • colic
  • constipation
  • chronic coughs
  • digestive issues
  • eczema
  • fatigue
  • recurrent infections
  • insomnia
  • food intolerances
  •  obesity
  • psoriasis
  • sinusitis
  • warts
  • vaccination support

Naturopathy is a natural approach to achieving vital health by:

Implementing the right ingredients including nutritious food, clean water, exercise and restful sleep that allow the body to return naturally to vital health and removing obstacles such as toxic chemicals, excess stress and inflammatory foods to allow maximum wellbeing to be achieved.

Treating Children

When it comes to child health, Zoe understands that the person sitting opposite her is just a little or a young  person, who undergoes stress, has emotions, is one part of a family group and may be struggling to find their way in this hectic world, as well as potentially consuming a less than perfect diet.

Oils Aren’t Oils

DHA is one of the most abundant fatty acids in the human brain.  Levels of DHA alter during different life stages, with a higher amount of DHA required for childhood brain development.  DHA is also needed during the development and maturation of the retina and visual cortex in children, and increases cell membrane fluidity, which influences nerve conduction and transmission.

Good Foundations, Strong Future

Children require an optimal intake of micro-nutrients as they grow and develop, however many children do not even consume the recommended daily intake (RDI) of vitamins and minerals.  Micro-nutrients are essential for healthy brain and nervous system development, therefore if nutritional requirements are not met during these critical stages, the overall growth of the brain may be adversely affected.  Nutritional deficiencies that have been shown to interfere with neuro-development and cognition in children include vitamins B6, B12 and D, along with the minerals zinc, iodine, selenium, folate, iron and magnesium.

It’s Not How You Finish, It’s How You Start

Understanding the key priorities in children’s physiology can take the complication out of treating children. Optimal nutrition and healthy microbiome development is vitally important in the early stages of life and Zoe is here to educate parents on diet and nutrition to enhance the development of our young patients.  Zoe offers you a range of children’s supplements to support their healthy development as well as treat a wide range of children’s conditions.


Give the children of today the best start you can, so that they can reach for the stars tomorrow.

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